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Divorce Numbers Spike In China Spikes Because of Quarantine

Some women found out their partner was cheating on them, others found irreconcilable differences that they found to be manageable before. You could say that people were just spending an unnatural amount of time in close quarters with their partner and going a bit stir-crazy all cooked up at home, but on the other hand – can you really spend years with a person if you can’t even get along for a month?

There has been a lot of talk on Chinese forums about hearing neighbours quarrelling, fighting and crying, yet at the same time, some of the people complained that even though they were staying home with their partner for a month they barely spoke for 10 seconds a day. Self-isolation is tough no matter how you look at it. If you’re stuck alone you might feel lonely and missing human contact, on the other hand, realising you barely talk to your partner and feel lonely even when you’ve been stuck together for weeks sounds even more depressing. 

Some people say that for them quarantine has been described as living in a pressure cooker. You’re just encased in a small space, with all your demons and inner thoughts and another person with their own emotional baggage and strange habits. At first, you think it’s going to be fine, then you start getting annoyed by certain things, but don’t want to let it turn into an argument. After all, you’ve got no way out of this situation so it’s better not to start a conflict, so the pressure builds until one day you both lose patience and just explode into the biggest fight in the history of your relationship. And that is how cities in China have been seeing a massive increase in divorce applications. 

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