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11 Ways to Make Your Relationship Awesome

When you first start dating someone, it’s like a drug. You’ve never felt better, and you simply can’t get enough of your partner. But that honeymoon period doesn’t last forever. To prevent things from getting stale, people try to make various improvements to their relationship.

too often, they try for grandiose or huge romantic gestures, when
often it’s the tiny things that make the biggest difference. One of
our core tips that can apply to all of these ideas? Listen to your
partner! Here are the best ways to impact your relationship in a
positive way.

Budget smartly

Create a budget. Money is one of the biggest things that couples fight over, so creating a budget and delegating budget to the less frugal partner (though it sounds crazy) can help. It forces the other person to step up and see thing from their partner’s perspective, which is big.


to show your gratitude. Say thank you for everything, no matter if
the gesture is big or small. It makes you want to do more for each
other, and also makes the person and their efforts feel more

Stay curious

curious about each other – the is the key to emotional intimacy.
Whether this means checking in with each other on a daily basis or
trying to new things together, never assume you know what the other
person is thinking. Considering each other with a sense of wonder
will always keep the youth in your relationship.

Remain independent

the same time, make a conscious effort to spend time apart and do
your own thing. Even if both of you work from home, having your
separate lives and identity is essential. Whether this means a solo
getaway, a girls trip, or hanging out with your family, make sure to
get in that “you” time outside of “us.”

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