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The Truth About Gray Eyes

Eyes are the window to the soul – I bet you’ve heard that saying before. But it looks like they’re much more than that. Eye color can tell you a lot about a person, including some of their heritage, health risks, certain character traits that might be dominant and even more. When you talk to people, do you look them in the eye? And if you do, is their eye color something that you remember? Does their eye color matter to you? Do you think you make any assumptions about people based solely on their eye color? What if it’s a rare and unusual eye color? Did you know that gray eyes are very rare and usual? Today we’re going to tell you the truth about gray eyes.

Gray Eyes Are Super Rare

Chances are you don’t
know a lot of people with gray eyes. Only 1% of the population has gray eyes
and even then you basically have to be of European ancestry to have gray eyes.
And even within Europe, it’s more likely to be people from Northern and Easters
Europe who have gray eyes.

Gray Eyes Are Often Mistaken For Blue

Many people find it hard
to tell apart blue from gray at a glance, which is why gray eyes are often
mistaken for blue. But they’re actually different. While blue are true to color
but differ in shades, gray eyes often have little flecks of gold and brown in
them and they can often seem like they’re changing colors like mood rings
depending on the lighting and what the person is wearing.

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