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Reasons Why The Coronavirus Is No Joke, Even If You’re Young

7. The more beds that infected but allover healthier young people taking up hospital beds means that there’s less beds for those who the disease proves more life-threatening to.

8. While the first wave of this disease is probably the most threatening, when cold weather comes around after summer is over, we may be at risk of contracting again, since COVID-19 thrives in cold environments.

9. Because even if you don’t think you have it, days can go by before the symptoms start showing up. Due to this incubation period, more and more people might keep feeling sicker as time goes on. 

10. Why is it no joke? Just take a look at Italy. Even though the reports from South Korea and China showed mostly older people and was in Asia, the epidemic in Italy reached heights that no one thought it would, for demographics of all ages. The lack of borders in Europe made this spread like wildfire, and there’s no reason it won’t continue if we don’t change our behaviour. 

11. If you have any sort of underlying health condition, such as diabetes or a heart issue, as a young person, you’re just as much at risk to contract coronavirus as older patients.

12. To anyone saying “If I get Corona I get Corona,” look at these stats. Anyone aged 20-44 comprised 12% of ICU cases. Up to 27% of cases were deathly for people over 85. For anyone aged 75-84, 31% of cases led to ICU, and 11% of those were fatal. For those age 65-74, up to 19% were admitted to the ICU, and 5% were fatal. These numbers are growing exponentially. 

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