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9 Tips on How to Work From Home From Someone Who Does It Every Day

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Over-communication isn’t just a thing with remote work – it’s necessary. Talking face to face is obviously easier, but share as much as possible with your fellow colleagues and employers. Even if you think you’re spelling it out too obviously, things can get a lot murkier from behind your keyboard, so spare yourself the stress and be as clear and straightforward as possible, encouraging the same from people around you.

8. Try to get out of those pajamas and brush your teeth

You can totally self-indulge and get comfy once in a while, but dressing too comfortably from home every day has been proven to affect productivity. If you stick to your personal hygiene and grooming routine, putting on an outfit that’s appropriate for the public, you’ll feel more professional and focused as your workday goes on. 

9. Use headphones and mute microphone for conferences

Doing video conferences can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but are an important part of working from home. This won’t only help with communication but will make you feel more connected to other human beings around you, and builds more meaningful interactions and stronger relationships between co-workers. 

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